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A Power Wash Company in Swanton, OH

A Power Wash Company offers pressure washing services for exterior spaces and property. Let us help clean up exterior walk ways, parking lots, or your building's exterior and much more. Contact us today for more information or to request a free estimate.


Soft House Washing

Soft House Washing is a low-pressure cleaning technique that eliminates the risk of damaging your siding, removing paint, and other potentially hazardous situations. 
We use bio-friendly cleaning solutions to not only remove dirt but to eliminate all organic material including algae, mold and mildew. 
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Soft Roof Cleaning

Soft Roof Cleaning is a low-pressure method that elimates the black steaking and discoloration on your shingles. This black streaking and discoloration is a single-damaging algae that will cause premature aging to your roof.
Having your roof cleaned is reccomended every three years to extend the life of your roof!
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Driveway and Surface Cleaning

Our pressure cleaning services include a high pressure water system along with an eco-friendly solution to remove dirt, grease, oil, algae, and other contaminants from any hard surface.
Contact us to clean your driveway and exterior surfaces. 
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Deck & Fence Washing

Our Deck &  Fence Washing uses various pressure settings and specially designed cleaning solutions to restore old, worn, weathered wood and vinyl decks & fences to like-new condition.
You will be amazed!
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Gutter Cleaning Services

Our Gutter Cleaning Services involve removing debris such as leaves, twigs and gunk from your gutters by hand or by leaf blower.
We offer a one-time cleaning or you can be enrolled in our Gutter Cleaning Service Package which includes two visits in the Fall and once in the Spring!
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Window Cleaning Services

Our Window Cleaning Services include a profassional, detailed window cleaning that will  leave your windows sparkling and streak-free!
We offer a variety of Window Cleaning Service Packages such as monthly, semi-annual, or annual cleaning to homes and businesses throughout Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas.
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Soft Wash Building Washing

Just like house washing, we use a no-pressure soft wash cleaning method and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to remove algae, black streaks, dirt, and organic materials from building, roofs and structures. 
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Parking Lot Surface Cleaning

Commercial parking lots get extremely dirty from traffic, people and the elements. Our commercial grade surface cleaners and specialized cleaning solutions leave parking lots looking almost like new.
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Surface Concrete Cleaning

If walkways and entryways are not cleaned on a regular basis they get extremely dirty. Our professional equipment washes away grease, dirt and grime from concrete, pavers, travertine and any other hard surface.
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Gum & Graffiti Removal

Gum and graffiti are no match for our high-pressure cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions. Our specialized cleaning process completely removes any trace of graffiti and gum from any type of surface.
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Rust & Acid Stain Removal

We used specialized rust removal products and special washing techniques to safely remove rust and battery acid stains from almost any surface.
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Welcome to A Power Wash Company

A Power Wash Company is a pressure washing contractor specializing in commercial fleet washing services for fleets of any size. Our team of cleaning technicians is also ready to help with a variety of pressure washing projects on residential or commercial properties. We have the tools and experience to wash a variety of surfaces including siding, driveways and concrete, and even low pressure cleaning for shingle roofs. If you're looking to clean up your fleet, or the exterior of your home or business, contact A Power Wash Company in Swanton, OH today for a free estimate.

Our team has the experience and equipment needed to clean your property as thoroughly and safely as possible.

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